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My background

At the age of 4, my cheerleading career began as a little league Bengals cheerleader.  From there, middle school and high school Varsity cheer.  Missing cheer as soon as it ended led me to Americheer to be a summer camp instructor with the never-aging Liz Rossetti. 

The next year, while taking a full college course load, I returned to my HS to be a coach for the Girls Varsity team there.  After several years of coaching Girls Varsity, Middle School and High School at my Alma Mater (where we earned a National Title, several district and regional championships, and state appearances with an 11th place finish with the school's first ever co-ed team (only 2 males and 20 females).  

In 2006, my family moved from KY to Raleigh, NC and I was amazingly lucky to be introduced to Cathy Buckey, former multi-National Title winning NC State Cheer Coach and owner of Champion Cheer and Dance.  We hit it off and I began working for her and fell in love with the All-Star cheer world.  From judging, helping organize events, to attending Worlds, Independent Event Producer Meetings and more, she taught me so much and I knew All-Star cheer was where I would stay.  

When my daughter became interested in cheer and I made sure she would stick with it, I decided to open an All-Star gym, where I could teach her, and any other male or female in the area to love cheer as much as I do.  I also wanted kids to learn to tumble correctly and not just flip, so I had Debbie Love in to teach the staff at the gym how to correctly teach tumbling.  I have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.


The Fantastic Teams

The Kentucky Cheer All Stars teams wanted to honor the rich horse heritage which KY is known for, so our teams are appropriately named:

Minis - Yearlings

Youth - Fillies

Junior - Thoroughbreds

Senior - Triple Crowns

Tuition or Private Session Payment

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Black Friday Shopping Childcare dropoff

Kids ages 5 and up can be dropped off at 10pm for a movie and popcorn (or other snack) and will stay overnight at the gym so parents can head out to Black Friday shop as early as they want without getting the kids up early ($50).  They can stay until 6pm, but can be picked up earlier as well.  Kids 4 and under can be dropped off starting at 6am and stay until 6pm ($35).  If child is not potty trained, pullups or diapers must be sent.  If child has a food allergy, please notify us so we can make sure all snacks are safe and healthy for all children.   

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


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My supporters mean the world to me. Do you have questions or comments about my training? Send me a message, and I will get back to you soon.

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